Congratulations, Aman!

This past Saturday, April 18, Hayes hosted the Greener Delta event.  The focus is on environmental issues, and tons of community members took time out of a beautiful day to pay a visit.

During the event, the winners of the Greener Delta Essay Contest were awarded prizes.  Our very own Aman S. took first place in the 7th-9th grade levels!  It was an exciting moment when Aman’s name was called and she strode up to receive her award in front of a packed house.

Aman did not give a speech, but you can read her essay by visiting the Greener Delta web site here.

I won’t go on and on about how sometimes it DOES pay to be a good writer, but, well, it occasionally does!

Way to go, Aman!

“I don’t believe what I just saw!”

177/180. Wow. What percentage is that, anyway? Ninety-something, right?

We have experienced 177 school days, give or take a few hours. I have had several memorable or hilarious or crazy or zany or sad or Wow! or Hmm… or big sigh moments in those 177 days.

One the best moments for me this 07-08 school year came recently involving a former student who is a poet, but doesn’t quite know it–yet. I offered a blank journal for summer poetry writing, added that I thought that this person needed to write, and the smile that sparkled in this person’s eyes reminded me quite clearly why I love teaching. This person didn’t have to say anything, it was right there resting on the face of a writer.

So, enough about my moments, what about you? You people are out there in the seats of the classrooms, pounding the pavement of the halls, chomping on whatever you chomp on in the cafe, what re-tellable tales have you to share?

You know, an event does not have to be amazing to share–just something that gave you pause.

That’s all.

Speak up! It is your write.