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This is a poem I made for an assignment in my Health class. I had to write a letter, journal, or poem and I was to choose to write about anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. The purpose was to be empathetic, and to put yourself in someone’s shoes with this type of problem.

I wrote about being a person that has bulimia nervosa to be exact. I definitely don’t have it in real life, but I’ve learned enough about this subject to truly be empathetic.

So, here it is:

Invisible Addiction

A distorted mirror effect disguising my reality,
The loathe I carry for an unseen beauty.

Neglecting nutrition; neglecting a life,
A consistent battle resulting in strife.

There is a significant obsession within these frail eyes,
The hoarding of food covered by lies.

I eat my feelings and purge my fears,
A self-induced struggle I’ve had for years.

The weight of depression is too heavy to confine,
I need a shoulder to lean on, a promising sign.

A lack of effort; a lack of direction,
There must have been a primary reflection.

I will recover with a past,
As long as this persistent isolation doesn’t last.

I have bulimia nervosa, and I need someone to ensure,
That there will be a cure.


Drift in Thought

I sit here under this overcast cloud, straining for the pure of thought.

The road ahead hazing; the sickening knowledge of distraught.

Why do I feel a hole in my heart as it deprives my sanity out of reach?

I don’t want to go to the movies, nor am I in search for the beach.

I want to lock my arms around my legs where the hills line up with the sea.

Yeah, that’s where I want to be.

My memory of you fading ever so slightly.

I can’t wait for the day when I can stare at you sprightly.

Where have you been; how are you now?

Should I turn back the clock, take back a vow?

Changes are coming whether we like it or not.

My nerves are rising; you’ve hit my weak spot.

The light is flickering in this snug room.

If we don’t fix this, we’ll all be doomed.

I need a break now to figure things out;

To gather my thoughts and find a way out.

Actions may speak louder than words,

But how we word our actions have higher standards.

And as I begin to understand what I’m about to say,

Let’s stop the clock and drift away.


The Past Has Elapsed

How do I concentrate on the future when the past is right beside me?

I am through with this nonsense. Please just let me be.

I’m content with where I stand right now.

Those ancient times must take a bow.

I’ve carried these wrongs

for far too long.

The past

has elapsed.

That irony is out of sight.

I don’t believe I’m wording this right.

You are in possession of that life I lived long ago,

but I’m different now. There isn’t one thing that I owe.

For quite a few months I was deep in thought. This is what I truly want.

I will never erase you from this hourglass,

but those antique thoughts just couldn’t last.


Bear In Mind The Undefined

This skeletal thread is holding me high.

High off the ground, up in the sky.

Do you realize how delicate a moment can be,

when the eyes draw nearer by one degree?

I can’t always comprehend those thoughts behind that voice.

Is my approaching future within a dice?

I crave to go there, where you will stand.

I want to be capable of holding your hand.

My stomach in knots; my throat sore.

These emotions and aches are engaged in a war.

How will it be when there is no motive for the truth?

Did I ever need that wisdom tooth?

I must find the time to change the channel

and watch the burning of this candle.

I sense an upcoming bliss in the air.

There isn’t a need for repair.

The narrow path that I created back then,

Is now an avenue, a speedway, of this epic pen.

That method I had going some weeks ago, must stop immediately.

I’m done with this show.

Copyright © 2008 Kaitlyn S.

4 thoughts on “Kaitlyn S.

  1. im not meaning to sound rude because i loved it but it didnt sound fluid, mabye i am reading it wrong

  2. Kaitlyn, it sounds as if you are some wise old person who has already lived life. I am literaly blown away. Keep going!!!

  3. Kaitlyn,

    Thanks so very much for being the first MadWords alumni to share written works!

    I would agree with what laniedj said about wise words from such a young person.

    Some people say that there are people born with “old souls.” People that are somehow wise beyond their years.

    Thank you again for being a risk-taker with your writing.

    -Mr. M

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