Facebook: Friend and Foe?

So, I have a Facebook page.

And, I know, mostly, how to use it to communicate.

But, I don’t like all the little cutesy apps and ads and other things that seem so fun and friendly but sure like to know more and more about me and more and more about my friends.

So, I redid a LOT of my privacy settings (which FB recently made HUGE changes on), and so I am glad that I don’t appear in ads or that when friends mention me to an app, the app can’t just go into my profile information any old time.

I do like using something like FB.  It is convenient.  And it, or something like it, will be around for quite a while.

But, it is a drag to keep on top of all of this privacy business.

What do you think about Facebook?

About your online privacy rights?


One thought on “Facebook: Friend and Foe?

  1. I love my facebook. i can probably go as far as to say that i’m pretty much addicted to it. I know how to use those privacy settings too and i have them set exactly how i want them to be. I love talking to my friends all the time to. Yes, i think i’m addicted.. maybe it isn’t that good.. don’t take it away! D:

    P.S. Thanks for posting! Lol

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